Site Update: July 2021

So what have we been up to on Croscombe Hill

Livestock visited the upper area of Croscombe Hill to graze and prepare the land for the Autumn planting of new flora. The species-rich environment will soon be nurturing increased biodiversity, supporting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and other magnificent fauna. A complete study of the onsite Edwardian dew pond was recently conducted. Its restoration will be underway in September with the help of local secondary students from Whitstone School and the Mendip Society.

How about Paradise Hill?

Paradise Hill has seen a lot of activity over the summer months. You’ll remember from our last newsletter that 3,600 native broadleaf trees were planted at the start of this year, yours included. These have since grown very well – native broadleaf trees will grow half a metre per year on average! Despite being in their early days, the beginnings of your piece of climate restoration are there to be seen. Our team recently went to the site to photograph all the trees. They’ve since been placed on our database in preparation for transference to our digital tree tracker and engagement web app, which is in its final stages of testing. Natural flora has been planted around the site boundaries.

It's nearly ready to visit!

Our designer has put together a series of information boards for Paradise Hill about the site and the trees planted, the ones for Croscombe Hill are in progress. There’s now a footpath too so that guests can enjoy a stroll through the avenue of silver birch trees and around the woodland, all the way down to the flora hedgerows. Below are several of the watercolours we had commissioned for the information boards.