Reconnecting your built and natural environments

We work collaboratively with both residential and commercial developers to make a positive impact on the climate through biodiversity net gain and nutrient neutrality strategies


Now part of upcoming UK legislation, biodiversity net gain and decarbonisation are going to be mandatory considerations for all new development projects in England, with very few exceptions. Increasingly also nutrient neutrality, which refers to nitrate and phosphate discharge.

We will help you to improve the state of biodiversity, soil nutrients and carbon capture in the area of your land development project.

Our commercially viable solutions are designed to support you every step of the way. From the initial planning process, all the way through to your project development, execution and post-completion.

Did you know, mandatory can be manageable?

We do everything in an environmentally considerate manner to preserve and enhance habitats, 
delivering a net gain in the process, on or near development sites.


1. Provide strategic advice

First, we feel it’s important to understand the key challenges, navigate the policy context and provide a clear biodiversity strategy to support your project through its planning and development process.

2. Develop biodiversity strategy

We’ll then support the planning and design stages in line with the BNG mitigation hierarchy to ensure a robust biodiversity strategy for the development project that is viable and deliverable.

3. Deliver the 10% net gain

Where the 10% uplift requires an offsite solution, we are able to source land and / or provide access to established habitat banks, where BNG units can be purchased directly from the Wanderlands Environment Bank.

4. Manage & maintain the project

Our land management team will carry out ongoing monitoring and maintenance of offsite projects to maximise biodiversity and wildlife benefit. We’ll also ensure that BNG credits generated are validated and verified.

Have you heard about Wanderlands Habitat Bank?

We have created an innovative new platform so that developers compensating for habitat loss can access off-site Biodiversity Units in their local area.


The trading of carbon and biodiversity units can help companies—and the world—meet ambitious goals for reducing harmful climate impact.

Wanderlands Habitat Bank provides biodiversity net gain units, carbon offset units and more nature market opportunities in a fully blockchain-secure ecosystem.

Future-proofed and built with upcoming nature markets in mind, Wanderlands Habitat Bank will also host carbon units from soil, hedgerow and agroforestry in the future. 


 All projects listed on the platform are thoroughly vetted to comply with the regulatory and recognised reporting bodies, such as the Woodland Carbon Code. Due to innovative blockchain technology, users have access to detailed site inventory documentation that provides a complete record of the site history, maintenance and unit validation.

Get started with your BNG strategy